Gnome mystic theruge


Backstory: Grew up in the religious city of sages. Parents began to pressure me to begin learning about religion and become a cleric. I resolved to move away from my parents, and joined the druid grove to the west. The druid grove started a search for the staff of immortality by assigning low level druids to search for it. I volunteered to help “look for it”. Began making long journeys to the grand library because the wealth of information piqued my interest. Through extensive studying, i picked up several levels in wizard.

Part 1: After 60 years of traveling between the library to study and the grove to report that I had not found anything, I was finally ambushed by a group of clerics and monks of erythnull. A rouge that was assigned to spy on me attempted to help fight them off however, both of us were captured. After some attempted escape plans failed, he went on a suicide mission to save me. After getting away the attackers were put on trial and I was given right to kill them. After my display of aggression two spectators named Arauk and “Phage” approached me. We were attacked by several guards that saw us conversing with Phage, a half elf. An assassin mysteriously helped fight them off with us then disappeared. We regrouped at a bar where Phage noticed that the assassin was in the room. We chased him down and captured him. We learned that an assassin organization was plotting to kill me and we attempted to retrieve our new assassin friend who was going to be put to death for failing to remain hidden. We managed to free him and not only get away with our lives, but with a bag of gems that kortanis stole.

Is now a dwarf thanks to Arauk, the douche bag


Aroomba ambrotos